Youth Video Contest

Note: contests open each spring. Check back then for up-to-date details.
About the contest

The Youth Video Contest is an annual competition that challenges high school students to create a short video about workplace safety. Winners receive a cash prize and join Team Yukon at the Skills Canada National Competition.Prizes include:

Who can enter?

Yukon high school students in Grades 9 to 12. Each team must have two students. Cast members don't have to be students.

How long can the video be?
Videos can be up to two-minutes long, including titles and credits. For inspiration, check out our contest winners.
When is the deadline?

The deadline will be updated here in early spring 2020. 

How do we enter?
  1. Download and fill out an entry form.

  2. Submit the completed entry form to us (By fax to 867-393-6279, in person at 401 Strickland Street in Whitehorse or by mail to:  Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board, 401 Strickland Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5N8)

  3. Upload your video to YouTube.

  4. Email a link to your video to Natalie Thivierge at

What are the safety rules?
  1. You must maintain your own personal safety and that of your cast, crew and anyone else involved in the production of your video at all times.

  2. You must not endanger anyone during the production of your video, and you must follow safe practices and procedures.

  3. Your video cannot portray any unsafe acts involving live actors. You are not permitted to depict with live actors any high-hazard risks such as working close to equipment in operation or working at heights, even to make a point or contrast safe acts with dangerous acts.

  4. You must discuss safety issues with your supervising teacher or skills club coach before starting production. We strongly recommend that your teacher or coach is present when you film live actors.

  5. You must conduct a safety talk, including a hazard assessment, every day of filming.

  6. If you are filming on a worksite, you must obtain permission of the business owner and/or manager, take all appropriate health and safety precautions, and follow all applicable health and safety rules and regulations.

How will my video be judged?

Judging will be evaluated based on set criteria and using a points system. The judges will consider:

  1. What you did before starting to film: Script development, including finding suitable locations, cast and crew, if applicable.

  2. What you did during filming: Production techniques, including camera, lighting, art direction (props, set, costumes), audio and acting.

  3. What you did after filming: Post-production techniques, including editing, graphics and music.

  4. How well the video presents the contest theme.

  5. The video’s overall impact.

The fine print
  1. All footage, photographs, music, sound effects, etc. must be originally created material, or you must obtain written, legal permission to use someone else’s copyrighted material.

  2. By entering this contest you grant the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board the right to use your name, photograph and video submission(s) for advertising, publicity and promotion purposes.

  3. By entering this contest you agree to abide by these contest rules and regulations.

More questions?

Call the contest coordinator Natalie Thivierge at 867-332-1056 or email If you are calling from outside Whitehorse, use our toll-free line: 800-661-0443.


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