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Youth Video Contest

Theme: “Mind the Job: not all injuries are physical”
First place: Mental Health at Work, Nicholas Morgan and Lewis Cameron, F.H. Collins Secondary School

Explore Safety

Classroom: Grade 5/6, Takhini Elementary School
Teacher: Amanda Bartle
Project proposal: To create at least four “sidewalk suzies” and “sidewalk shawns”— wood or metal cut out silhouettes of children — to encourage drivers to slow down in the school zone.

Classroom: Grade 3, Hidden Valley Elementary School
Teacher: Jon Allen
Project proposal: To explore fire safety by creating dioramas and hosting a family campfire in the school’s fire pit.

Classroom: Grade 6/7, Takhini Elementary School
Teacher: Brendan Morphet
Project proposal: To deliver a safety training program for youth aged 9 to 12 who experience longer durations of time at home without an adult, including topics like healthy snacking, kitchen safety, basic first aid and emergencies versus non-emergencies.

Classroom: Grade 5/6/7, Teslin Community School
Teacher: Erica Keenan
Project proposal: To explore bullying and internet safety through a guest speaker, a visit from the local police and the development of a “kindness squad” which would spread positive messages throughout the school.

Classroom: Grade 5, École Émilie Tremblay
Teacher: Marie Belanger
Project proposal: To undergo an arts and crafts project that identifies gender stereotypes that affect the mental health of students.

Classroom: Grade 1, Whitehorse Elementary School
Project proposal: To write and illustrate a book about winter safety.
Teacher: Nicola Dietz

Safety Build
First Place
Second place
Third place


Youth Video Contest

Theme: “Weed at Work”
First place: 2018 Youth Safety Animation, Nicholas Morgan and Mackenzie Cameron, F.H. Collins Secondary School
Second place: Shop Safety Video RSS, Grade 10 to 12 students, Robert Service School

Safety Build
First place
Second place 
Third place
Honourable Mention


Youth Video Contest

Theme: “Prevention Works for Me”
First place: Prevention Works for Me, Aaron Leef-Kayter, James Choi and Jaiden Legge, Porter Creek Secondary School
Second place: Behind the Scenes, Eli Moorhouse and Elisha Leenders, F. H. Collins Secondary School
Third place: Safety Animation, Nicholas Morgan and Mackenzie Cameron, F. H. Collins Secondary School

Safety Build
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Second place


Third place



Youth Video Contest

Theme: “What happened then?”
First place: Flying or Falling, Ona Toews and Amanda Thomson, Wood Street Centre
Second place: Don’t Get Stuck with a Workplace Injury, Rosa Martens and Felicity Vangel, Wood Street Centre


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